Wedding Planning Mistake #2: Not Getting Your Spending Priorities Straight

It’s important to prioritize your wedding budget according to what is important and what isn’t.

A significant mistake that many Couples make is they Don’t take Quality Time to Talk Thru & Prioritize their Wedding Budget. This leads to over-spending on areas that are non-essential and which won’t effect the Quality of their Wedding Day. To make things much worse, this over-spending on non-essentials is encouraged by Wedding Magazines which tend to place such trivial items such as Party Favors & Candies on the same pedestal as Music & Photography.

Here is a list of Make-It-Or-Break-It Items that should receive Top-Priority but often get Sacrificed:

The Wedding Site: So You Set the Right Ambience!
Great DJ or Band: The #1 Thing Your Guests will Remember!
Photographer: So Your Memories & Moments can be Cherished for Years!
Quality of the Tent Rental: Make Sure a Leaky Tent doesn’t Ruin Your Day!
Professional Ceremony Music: For a Sensitive & Romantic Ceremony!

Here is a list of Non-Essential Items that often receive Over-Spending:

Ice Sculptures
Party Favors, Chocolates, & Candies
Fancy Hors D’oeuvres (appetizers)
PhotoBooth Rentals & Related Props
Reception Room Decor (Uplighting, Balloons, Decorations)
Super-Fancy Wedding Ceremony Programs
Baubles, Bangles, & Beads
Birds & Bird Cages (No, we are not kidding!)
Sword-Swallowers & Fire-Breathers (We’ve Seen it All!) LOL!

While some of these Non-Essential items have their place, all we are saying is you shouldn’t Prioritize them over the Make-It-Or-Break-It Items. To be clear, they usually have little or no effect on the success of the Wedding Day. Brides & Grooms often complain about spending $250 more on a High-Quality DJ (who can Make-or-Break the Wedding!) while Spending Sooo Much Money on Non-Essentials!

SOLUTION: Keep your Priorities Straight. Budget appropriately based on what is going to have a Real Lasting Impact on Your Wedding Day! Our Strong Recommendation is to Secure The Big 3 First: 1) Your Wedding Site, 2) Your Music, & 3) Your Photographer Before spending on anything else.

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