Wedding Mistake #7: Not Being Smart about the Tent

The Tent Rental is an area to take Quite Seriously in Your Wedding Planning.

One of the most popular ideas in Wedding Planning is the idea of having the Wedding Reception under a Tent. But, almost no area of wedding planning has caused more problems and legendary disasters than Tent weddings. It’s a lovely idea but unless the tent is of serious-quality and Large Enough to comfortably accommodate every aspect of the Wedding Reception, it can lead to Serious Problems. It’s Rare, but during hurricanes we even heard of Weddings Near the Ocean in the Northeast where tents have literally been blown-away by high wind-gusts or totally collapsed! This usually happens during Hurricane/ Tropical Storm Season on the East Coast/Gulf-Coast of the US: August, September, & October.

First of all, the Tent needs to be Large-enough. Large enough means that Everyone that is part of your Reception: the guests, the bartender, and the DJ or Band, needs to be Inside of the tent, not Outside of the tent looking in. We have seen Several Wedding Coordinators who place the DJ Table Outside of the Tent Despite a 50% Chance of Rain! Trust us, No One will tell you about this Risk!

Next, the amount of Distance between the Edge of the tent and Any of these People should be Minimum 5 Feet. This is in case it rains & the Tent Starts Leaking at the Edges...which we have Also Experienced Many Times! Trust us, No One will tell you about this Risk! Nobody, including Both of You or Your Guests wants to be Leaked-On! And for the DJ/Band, the combination of Electrical equipment & Rain can be Very Dangerous.

Thirdly, the Tent needs to come with Pull-down Sides that can fully protect everyone inside in case there is Wind & Rain with the Wind Blowing the Rain inside. Again, the combination of Rain & Electricity for a DJ/Band can be Dangerous. We have even experienced Several Incompetent Tent Companies that Don’t Even Bother to Install Pull-down Sides Despite a 50% Chance of Rain! They will tell you to “Pray” or “Keep your Fingers Crossed” so they can be Lazy & Not Install Pull-Down Sides. We have even done a High-Profile Wedding where our Thoughtful Wedding Planning to have the Pull-Down Sides Saved the Wedding when it Started Pouring!

Finally, if the Reception is occurring in a part of the country or time of year where the weather can get Chilly Later in the Evening, then Renting Professional Heaters through your Tent company is a Very Good Idea. Later in the Evening is usually when the Dancing begins, and Shivering Temperatures are not Fun!

INSIDER TIP: Even if your Wedding is at a Professional Wedding Site & They are “Taking Care” of the Tent, You Still need to make sure there aren’t these kinds of Problems.

SOLUTION: The Tent Rental is one area to Prioritize in your Wedding Planning. Ask your Tent Company about what Size you need based on your Guest Count and then Err on the Larger Side! If there is Any Chance of Rain, Make Sure the Tent Company Installs Pull-Down Sides. If it’s OK Weather, they can be Rolled up. Allow 5+ Feet from All Edges to Any Tables or Guests! If it might get Cold in the Evening, Rent Heaters!

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