Wedding Mistake #9: Not Actually Owning Your Wedding Photos

Your Contract with the Photographer should grant you Full Ownership of the Wedding Pictures provided to you on a DVD or USB Thumb Drive.

The Old-Fashioned Business Model of Wedding Photography (which some still use) is for the Photographer to Keep Exclusive Rights to Your Wedding Photos & Charge You Over & Over Again for Prints at Premium Prices!

The Modern Business Model of Wedding Photography is to Either Include a DVD with Full Rights as a Standard part of the Photography Package OR offer the DVD as an Option for $200-$500.


Your DVD or USB Thumb Drive should have 2 Folders:
1. Folder of Smaller Photos for you to Email to Friends & Family
2. Folder of FULL SIZE Photos for you to Print Photos


When Comparing Different Photographers, Be Sure to Include the DVD with Full Ownership as part of your Total Package Deal so you are “Comparing Apples to Apples”.

SOLUTION: When hiring your Photographer, make sure that your Contract includes Full Ownership of the Photographs supplied on DVDs or a USB Thumb-Drive.

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