Wedding Mistake #11: Not Getting a Real Dance Floor

Having a Real Dance Floor is more Inviting for Your Guests than Concrete, Carpeting, Dirt, or Grass.

This is one of those Truly Unexpected, almost shocking things you wouldn’t run into unless you’ve been to as Many Weddings as we have! Once in a while, we’ve run into a situation where a Bride & Groom have gone to the trouble of hiring an expensive band or awesome DJ with Expectations of a Great Dance Party and yet there is absolutely No Real Dance Floor!

While most popular Wedding Facilities provide Real Dance Floors, some do not and it is the Responsibility of the Bride & Groom to Rent one. The Worst situations are when the Bride & Groom don’t even know they are Supposed to Rent a Dance Floor!

This can be a Problem because:
1. Concrete, Carpeting, Dirt, or Grass is an Awkward & Un-Inviting “Dance Floor” for guests
2. Concrete, Carpeting, Dirt, or Grass is Much Harder to dance on than a Real Smooth Dance Floor

HIDDEN PITFALL #1: This happens when the Bride & Groom do rent a dance floor, but It’s Not Large Enough! The floor crowds-up too quickly and guests start Bumping into Each Other (in a Bad Way) while dancing.

INSIDER TIP #1: How do you Make Sure your Dance Floor is Large Enough?

You Calculate: Expected Guests x 2.5 SQ FT = Dance Floor SQ FT
Example: You’re Inviting 150 Guests & Expecting 120 (80% to Attend)
So, that's 120 x 2.5 SQ FT = 300 SQ FT Dance Floor is Needed
In this situation, we would recommend to Consult Your Tent Company to Find Dimensions that are Greater Than/Equal to 300 SQ FT! This means that a 18x18 Dance Floor (324 SQ FT) would work for Most Dance Crowds!

HIDDEN PITFALL #2: The Bride & Groom rent a large-enough dance floor but the Tent Company Elevates the Dance Floor 1-2 feet off the ground. This is dangerous as people near the edge of the dance floor go Flying-Off the edge & can get hurt. You might think we are kidding...this has Actually Happened a Couple of times!

INSIDER TIP #2: The Good News is that this Pitfall is Rare! Still, when you’re Shopping Around for Tent Rental/Dance Floor Rental Companies, it doesn’t hurt to ask if the Dance Floor is going to be on the Ground (Normal) or Elevated (Risky).

SOLUTION: Rent a Real, Smooth, Professional Dance-Floor that is Inviting and Large-Enough to accommodate all of your Wedding Guests. Checking on these things will Allow you to have a Worry-Free Dance Party!

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