What is Wedding Ceremony Service Music?

Wedding Ceremony Service Music is the music which is performed during the actual Ceremony itself, one the Bride has processed up the aisle and the Ceremony program itself begins. While it is rare to have music played throughout the entire Ceremony, there are often special moments throughout a Wedding Ceremony that require a musical accompaniment.

These special moments of Wedding Ceremony Service Music may include the Lighting of the Unity Candle, the Unity Sand Pouring, the Irish Hand-Fasting Ceremony, or a Moment of Reflection before or after the Wedding Vows. At these special times, music can add a unique touch, much the the music during a movie soundtrack can enhance the experience of watching the movie.

Examples of Service Music at a Non-Religious Wedding would be the song, "Grow Old With Me" by John Lennon or "The Wedding Song" by Paul Stookey.

Wedding Ceremonies which take place in a Church or Synagogue often feature many songs of Service Music such as Traditional Hymns for a Catholic or Christian Wedding, or Traditional Hebrew Melodies during a Jewish Wedding Ceremony.

Examples of Service Music at a Catholic Ceremony would be "Mary, Full of Grace" (Traditional Hymn) or "On This Day, O Beautiful Mother" (Traditional Hymn).

Examples of Wedding Ceremony Service Music at a Jewish Wedding Ceremony would be "Dodi Li" (Traditional Hebrew Melody) or "Erev Ba" (Traditional Hebrew Melody).

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