What is Wedding Ceremony Processional Music?

Wedding Ceremony Processional Music is the music which is performed at the Very Beginning of Ceremony when the wedding guests are seated and the Ceremony actually begins.  It occurs as the Wedding Party and the Bride slowly walk up the aisle to start the Ceremony. It is different from Wedding Ceremony Prelude Music which ends before the Processional Music begins. You can read more about what Wedding Ceremony Prelude Music is HERE

The Wedding Processional usually consists of the Wedding Officiant, the Grandparents, the Parents, the Bridesmaids, the Groomsmen, the Flower-Girls, the Ring-Bearers, the Chuppah Holders (for Jewish Ceremonies) and other Important People who will be seated or standing up near the altar or front as the Ceremony is actually occurring. Not all of these people may be involved in the actual Processional depending on several factors including whether the Grandparents can walk well, and how the Bride & Groom design their Ceremony along with their officiant, priest, or rabbi.

Processionals are usually slow, songs with a subtle songs with a rhythmic pulse which are easy for the Grandparents, Parents, Wedding Party, and Bride to walk to or "process" to.

It is typical for the Bride & Groom to pick up to 3 Processionals Songs for their Ceremonies to signify: (1) Grandparents & Parents (2) The Wedding Party (3) The Bride. Because of the length of most Processional Songs, the musicians that are typically hired for a Wedding Ceremony or DJ often play an excerpt from the songs chosen rather than playing the entire song. This allows for the song to accompany to Procession of the Wedding Party as needed, but to fade out once the people who are processing reach the front and music is no longer needed.

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