Six Reasons to Hire a DJ at Your Wedding, not an iPod

In this article, we want to address a common question that many budget-conscious couples have:  “Why can’t I simply set-up my iPod with some speakers and have an iPod Wedding?”

While having an “iPod Wedding” many initially sound tempting to some because of price, the prospect of having to prepare all of the music yourselves ahead of time is overwhelming.  iPod Weddings also look cheap and your iPod has no job qualifications or previous wedding experience! 🙂

Besides the fact that it is cheaper, the major reason that some brides consider doing an “iPod Wedding” is that they don’t think they’ll be able to find a DJ who will flexible-enough to meet their musical needs.
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6 Big Reasons Why Hiring a DJ is Better than Having an "iPod Wedding"

Below are 6 Big Reasons why Hiring a Professional DJ is better than hiring a iPod for one of the Most Important Days in Your Life:

  • An iPod is just a machine and won’t be able to react in Real-Time to the Mood & Tempo of Your Crowd, changing the music when necessary to keep the dance-floor packed.

  • An iPod has to be pre-programmed by you...putting all of the pressure on you to “pre-think” what your guests will what to dance to. (By the way, this is almost impossible to do...even if you are a DJ!)

  • With an iPod, each song dies-out leaving “dead-air”. A Professional DJ will be able to smoothly Cross-Fade between song, keeping the dance-floor moving and packed.

  • An iPod won’t be able to cue-up each song so that the dance beat is heard right away. A Professional DJ will be able to Cue-Up & Beat-Match music to keep the dance-floor moving and packed.

  • An iPod won’t be able to act as a Professional Emcee who can Introduce Your Wedding Party and who can Encourage Your Guests to Dance.

  • Frankly, an “iPod wedding” looks “cheap.”

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