What is the Order of a Jewish Wedding Ceremony?

What is the Standard Order of Events at a Jewish Wedding Ceremony?

1. Signing of the Ketubah - This is usually a private ceremony where the couple signs a Traditional Jewish Wedding Contract in the presence of close family and a rabbi.

2. Bedecken - This is the traditional Veiling of the Bride.

3. The Processional - This is formal walking down the aisle by the Couple and their families. This is typically according to the follow order:

Grandparents of the Bride
Grandparents of the Groom
Groomsmen (walking in pairs)
The Best man
The Groom, who is Escorted by His Parents
The Bridesmaids (walking in pairs)
The Maid or Matron of Honor
The Ring bearer and/or Flower girl (together)
The Bride, who is Escorted by Her Parents

4. Encircling of the Groom - This is where the Bride circles the Groom 7 Times to represent The 7 Blessings.

5. Entrance into the Chuppah - This is the entrance of the Bride & Groom into the Wedding Canopy.

6. Blessing of the Wine and The Betrothal Blessing (First Kiddush Cup Blessing)

7. Exchanging of the Vows and The Ring Ceremony

8. Reading of the Ketubah

9. Reading of the Sheva B’rachot (The 7 Wedding Blessings) (Second Kiddush Cup Blessing)

10. Presentation of the Couple

11. Breaking of the Glass

12. The Bride & Groom enjoy a small period of private seclusion called the Yichud.

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