What is the Order of a Catholic Wedding Mass?

catholic wedding mass with bride groom and celebrant

Below is the Order of a Catholic Wedding Mass (not just a Ceremony). Priests will vary parts of the wedding service a bit, but this is the program they follow closely. The Catholic Wedding Mass usually lasts about one hour. They may last longer if the number of wedding guests receiving Communion at the Mass is above 200 people.

When most couples plan a Wedding in a Catholic Church, the #1 Question they need to answer is: “Are we having a Catholic Wedding Ceremony or a Full Nuptial Mass?” This decision is made in consultation with the Parish Priest or Deacon who will be presiding over the service and is the Most Important decision to make. This decision effects the length of the service and effects how many musical selections will be needed as well as how many musicians you might need to hire.

Deciding whether or not your Catholic Service will be a Ceremony or a Full Nuptial Mass effects most of the Music-Related Decisions you’ll make later on. Once this decision is made, then most other decisions affecting the music for the wedding service itself follow.

To understand the Order of a Catholic Wedding Ceremony, not a Mass, Read More HERE

Order of a Catholic Wedding Mass:



Gathering Hymn (optional)

Greeting by the Celebrant (the Priest or Deacon)

Opening Prayer

Reading from The Old Testament

Responsorial Psalm (usually sung, but sometimes recited if there's no singer)

Reading from The New Testament

Gospel Acclamation

Gospel Reading

Homily (speech by the Priest or Deacon)

Wedding Nuptial Ceremony:
Wedding Vows
Blessing & Exchange of Rings
The Kiss
Lighting Of The Unity Candle (optional)

Prayers of the Couple/Prayers of the Faithful


Preparation of the Gifts
Holy, Holy, Holy
Memorial Acclamation
The Great Amen
This Lord's Prayer
Nuptial Blessing
Exchange of the Sign of Peace
Lamb of God
Prayer after Communion (optional)

Presentation to the Statue of Mary (optional)

Final Blessing

Presentation of the Couple

Recessional & Postlude

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