4 Must-Have Basics for a Great Reception Dance Party

Here are 4 Must-Have Basics for a Great Reception Dance Party:

✔ In your Music Selection that you communicate your Band or DJ, pick as much a Variety of Music as possible to Appeal to All Your Guests, Young & Old! This is the #1 Secret for Creating the Longest Dance Party that involves the Most Amount of Guests Dancing All Night Long to Great Music that Everybody Recognizes & Loves. It gives everyone to change to hear a Song or Artist that they recognize and comfort and familiarity with music is one of the most important factors for getting people to dance to music!

✔ Consider Music that ALL of Your Guests will dance to...this includes considering the different Ages, Backgrounds, & Geographical Regions that the Guests will be coming from! It's true that, in general, everyone listens to and likes different music based on their ages, their general backgrounds (where they grew up, where they went to high school, where they went to college, etc.) and where they currently live in the US or the World. For example, people in the Northeast US often generally tend to prefer different types of music than people living in the South or the Midwest. People living in big cities tend to generally prefer more Urban or Top 40 Music, while people living in rural areas tend to prefer Country Music or Rock.

✔ Consider a Music Plan of Music Choices that gradually Progresses from Older Music to Newer Music as the Wedding Reception progresses! Another Proven Formula for success which overcomes of the challenge of mixing so many different types of music, over so many different decades, into one Wedding Reception in a way that makes sense and is palatable by most guests.

✔ Plan on playing similar Styles of Music together versus jumping-around and mixing different styles together. This means playing a “set” of 60's music, a set of 70's, 80’s music, then a “set” of 90’s music, then a “set” of Top 40 Current Hits, etc. This also means playing fast dances together in a set and then a few slow dances in set versus jumping back-and-forth between fast and slow songs.

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