Wedding Mistake #5: Not Getting Real About Rain

Wedding Ceremonies in the Rain are Disasters that can be Prevented with Thoughtful, Mature, Responsible, & Realistic Planning!

Brides & Grooms often fantasize about having a beautiful outdoor ceremony and never consider what happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate. While many Couples are Mature, Responsible, & Realistic enough to move their Ceremonies inside if there’s bad weather, some are not. It's good to have a back-up plan ahead of time.

The Highly-Risky Decision to have a Ceremony in Rain can have Serious Consequences for EVERYONE including You!

1. The Bride has Hours of Work put into her Hair & Make-up Ruined!

2. The Wedding Guests are All Wet & in a Bad Mood!

3. The Ceremony Musicians who are performing on $25,000+ String Instruments may Rightfully refuse to play in a Risky Situation as Any Rain can Cause Permanent Damage!

4. Keyboardists or DJs with Electrical Equipment may Rightfully refuse to play in Risky Rain Situations to Avoid the Risk of Electrocution or an Emergency Trip to the Emergency Room!

5. The Banquet Manager has to deal with Drying Off All the Chairs & Moving them all Inside...this can throw off the Wedding Schedule by 1/2 Hour or More!

Worst of all, the Wedding Ceremony which should have been one of the Most Beautiful, Romantic, & Sensitive Moments of the Entire Wedding Day, turns into a Stressful Nightmare that could have been 100% Prevented by erring on the Safe Side.

SOLUTION: Make a clear back-up plan that factors in the 1/3 to 1/2 chance of Rain (or Shivering Wind-Chill Factors in Canada/ Northern US in the Spring & Fall) on your Wedding Day. If the weather looks “Borderline”, choose the safer route and have an indoor ceremony. A Wonderful Indoor Ceremony is far preferable to a Ceremony in the Rain.

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