Wedding Mistake #10: Not Avoiding “Open Mic Night”

Turning your Wedding Toasts into “Open Mic Night” can lead to “Unintended Consequences”.

One of the most important moments of a Wedding Reception are the Toasts. These toasts are usually given by the Father of the Bride, the Maid/Matron of Honor, and the Best man. If Planned Well, they can be amongst the Most Amazing Moments of a Wedding Reception! 🙂

However, sometimes the Bride & Groom make the mistake of opening-up the Toasts to Anyone and Everyone who would like to say something. Occasionally the idea works, but more often than not, it Backfires.

For one thing, it can Delay the dinner by a significant period of time if a lot of people want to speak. Depending on the Chef & Recipes, your Chef might be on a tight schedule to serve the food at just the right time. Also, some of the toasts may Ramble On or be Embarrassing & Inappropriate. In extreme scenarios, things are running so late that it cuts the dancing time in half.

SOLUTION: If you anticipate that a lot of people will want to speak at Your Wedding, then Plan for it! If others want to speak at your Reception, at least have the DJ or Band check with you first before giving out the microphone. We have had Many Brides & Grooms Appreciate Us Checking with them First Before giving out the Mic.

INSIDER TIP #1: The Key Secret to Toasts is Planning! Check & Plan with the Father of the Bride, Maid/Matron of Honor, & Best Man AND Anyone Else you think may want to give a Toast Ahead of Time. You should incorporate this into your Day-Of Wedding Plan. Be Sure to Plan this with your DJ/Emcee (who will be Coordinating the Toasts with his Wireless Mic), the Catering/Banqueting Manager (who will Need to know this to Coordinate with the Chef & Catering Staff), & your Wedding Planner (if you have one).

INSIDER TIP #2: With our Reputation, every year, we have a Few Brides Book us from Overseas or have a Large Crowd Flying-In to the US. Our Experience is that in the UK, Ireland, & Europe in General, they Traditionally have Many More Toasts / Longer Toasts than the US. In Fact, in the UK, they call them “Speeches” & they are Very Well Planned & Delivered!

IN SUMMARY: Some of the Most Amazing Weddings we have done have had Several Toasts, but they are ALL Very Well Planned Ahead of Time & Incorporated into the Day-of Wedding Plan!

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