Wedding Mistake #8: Not Getting Real about The Heat

With Summer Weather comes Heat Waves...which can spell problems for Outdoor Tented Wedding Receptions.

While the concept of an outdoor Reception sounds beautiful, summer weather can often mean Sweltering Temperatures & "Steam Baths" in the Summer. This can feel even worse in a packed Tent with little or no circulation or a weak summer breeze. Obviously, Dancing is already going to make everyone sweat.

Don’t get us wrong. We are not saying that you should never have a Tent Wedding in the Summer, but you Either Need to Prevent these problems or Plan for Them.

SOLUTION: If you’re thinking of having an Outdoor Tented Reception, consider the Time of Year (July & August are the Hottest Months) and possibility of extremely High Temperatures & High Humidity in a tent. One Obvious Solution is to have your Wedding inside in Air Conditioning!

INSIDER TIP #1: Tent or not, One Great Wedding Planning Idea is to have Iced Drinks Ready to Go on a Table Near Your Ceremony. Guests Really Appreciate having Iced Water, Iced Tea, or Cold Lemonade Before having to sit thru an Outdoor Ceremony in a Heat Wave!

INSIDER TIP #2: You can Plan to Start your Wedding Later & have the Dancing during 9pm-11pm or 10pm-Midnight when the Temperatures have Cooled Down. This Wedding Planning Tip can Make ALL the Difference, yet Very Few Couples Actually Plan Weddings this way!

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