Wedding Mistake #4: Hiring a Wedding “Dis-Coordinator”

Hiring an Inexperienced Family Member or Friend to be your Wedding Coordinator can lead to Confusion, Chaos, and “Dis-coordinaton”.

While most popular Wedding Sites provide a Function Manager, some couples hire an additional Wedding Coordinator to be helpful throughout the Entire Wedding Day. If this is a Full-Time Experienced Wedding Planner, they can provide helpful advice about many aspects of wedding planning. They can also be helpful on the Wedding Day in keeping everything running smoothly.

Competent Wedding Planners or Wedding Coordinators are Interpersonally-Smooth,Tactful, Organized, & Helpful and know how to be Constructive without getting in anyone’s way. This is Not learned overnight and can take at least 20-30 Weddings to learn!

However, hiring someone to fulfill this role who doesn’t have a lot of experience can lead to all sorts of issues. The worst situations are when the Bride has hired a “friend” who is well-meaning but totally inexperienced. They can be more of a nuisance and stress-out than a help. In the end, it probably would have been better to not hire this person at all. (Let them have Fun rather than stressing everyone out!)

SOLUTION: Incorporate the advice of friends and family, but hire only Experienced Professionals to perform such Critical Roles as the Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator at Your Wedding.

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