Wedding Mistake #3: Not Avoiding a DJ Disaster

No single area can cause as many problems as having a DJ Disaster at your Wedding!

In Wedding Planning, one of the greatest areas of Disasters and Horror-Stories centers around the DJ Decision. It’s True: the DJ can often Make or Break The Wedding!

In general, there are 4 ways that DJ’s can cause problems, often ruining Your Wedding because of them:

1) The DJ pulls a “No-Show”. This is especially common in situations where the Bride & Groom got a Cheap DJ, Part-Time DJ, or had no professional contract at all with their DJ.

INSIDER TIP #1: We have Never heard of a “No-Show” for Full-Time DJs with Contracts charging $1,000+. The lesson: Don't go cheap with the DJ.

2) The DJ pulls a “Bait-and-Switch”. This is Common when dealing with Large DJ Companies. A Bride & Groom may have been promised (verbally but not in a written contract) that they will get DJ “X” and instead, DJ “Y” shows up. Unfortunately, they never actually planned anything with DJ “Y” and he ends up playing many of the wrong songs and worse yet, introduces them with the Wrong Names!

3)  The DJ Dresses Inappropriately or Acts Unprofessionally. This is common when the Bride & Groom have seen Minimal or No Testimonials or No Reviews about the DJ they have hired. It is also a good idea for Both of you to have a Good Comfort Level with a DJ before hiring him.

4)  The DJ is Unorganized and Plays the Wrong Songs. This is another good reason to check Testimonials and Reviews of a particular DJ before hiring. Highly-Experienced, Professional, Full-Time DJ’s will not have these kinds of problems & errors.

INSIDER TIP #2: You can Read Reviews on Most DJ companies (or Any Vendor Company for that matter) for Free on!

SOLUTION: Picking your DJ Intelligently is one of the most important “Make-or-Break” Decisions in your entire Wedding Planning. Make sure you have Confidence in their Reputation and have a Strong Comfort Level through a Meeting or In- Depth Phone Conversation. Finally, a Thorough & Detailed Contract spelling-out all Wedding Day Locations & Times as well as the Name of your DJ (that you will deal with from Start to Finish) is Essential.

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